Do more with your phone.

Pay for things.

Finally you can pay for things with your phone! Semble is here for customers of 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone. Just get your Semble Ready SIM, download the free Semble app, add cards and go. With over 25 cards available, why not join the thousands of Kiwis already paying with their phones and get Semble today.

Tag on and off.

Now with Snapper in Semble, Kiwis can enjoy the convenience of using public transport with only their smartphone! Available for customers of 2degrees, Spark and Vodafone with compatible Android devices. See if you're ready to get Snapper in Semble.

And we're just getting started!

Payments and transport are just the beginning. Soon you'll be able to Semble everything on your phone: special offers, loyalty rewards and more... Subscribe to updates and we'll let you know what's new.

Another first for NZ, just quietly.

Sure, there are other mobile wallets around the world. But in NZ we've done it our way. By collaborating with multiple industry leaders we've done what no-one else could - we've kept it simple. 

It's a real ground-breaker, one app with a world of potential. Find out more

  • Pay

  • Go

  • Save

  • Collect

  • Fly

  • Access

One day soon you will be able to do all that and more…
It's the future, and it's called Semble.

Made for Kiwis, by Kiwis.

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