Hello Semble.

Semble is here.

It's the future, and it starts right now. Pay for things with your phone, with Semble.  Now available on any mobile network, ready and waiting for you. Pretty soon you’ll be doing a whole lot more too. Catching public transport. Redeeming offers. Collecting loyalty points. Maybe even replacing your car key.   Help us show the rest of the world how we do it here in New Zealand and get Semble today.

Want to join in on the fun?

Anyone can get Semble, there's just a few things you need to get started. A Semble Ready secure SIM from either 2degrees, Spark or Vodafone and  eligible credit or debit cards from ASB or BNZ. Get ready to Semble and be one of the first Kiwis to start paying for things with your phone.

Stay in touch as Semble grows

Payments are just the start. Soon you'll be able to Semble everything on your phone: travel passes, special offers, loyalty rewards and more...
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Another first for NZ, just quietly.

Sure, there are other mobile wallets around the world. But in NZ we've done it differently. By collaborating with multiple industry leaders we've done what no-one else could - we've kept it simple. Simple for businesses wanting to provide a service in Semble, and simple for the customer using it. 

It's a real ground-breaker, one app with a world of potential. Find out more

  • Pay

  • Go

  • Save

  • Collect

  • Fly

  • Access

One day soon you will be able to do all that and more…
It's the future, and it's called Semble.

Made for Kiwis, by Kiwis.

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